2017 is almost over…. how did we do?

I went back and reviewed by post from 2017 resolutions and realized that for the first time in a long time, I actually achieved a resolution!!! I originally set out a goal to read 6 novels from my local library. I actually read 9 novels this year!! I would have read more but in keeping with my resolutions, I had a very fierce conversation and resigned from my position at my job and decided to go back to school for my master’s degree in nursing. So I guess technically I’ve read more than 9 books; do text books count?

Another resolution I decided to keep with was Dave Ramsey and the baby steps like I’ve written about in previous posts. My husband and I have been working the baby steps all year. With a couple of set backs here and there, we’ve done amazing and HAVEN’T used a credit card. We’ve even been able to cash flow my college with-OUT student loans!! I’m telling you, if you haven’t checked this guy out, do it! I listen to his pod casts every day on my way to work. And let me tell you, at 3:30 am (that’s when I get up and head to work) he’s the only voice I can tolerate listening to. And at 9:00 pm (when I get out of work) he’s the only one I want to listen to on my way home. I firmly believe listening to him every day keeps me focus and positive about this journey, because it’s NOT easy. I still have the impulse buy bug every once in a while but I keep thinking to myself as I listen to all these people call in with their questions, “what would Dave say?” every time I want to buy something. As silly as that might sound, it actually helps!

So this year, I’m working on a few things.

I would like to keep reading classic novels along with others during my school breaks. I’m currently reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley which is a favorite of mine that I’ve read before. I’ve learned that there are other books about Avalon that Bradley wrote that are now on my list. I love the Goodreads app on my phone. If I’m having a conversation with a friend about a novel, if one crosses my mind or I’m in a coffee shop/book store and I see something that looks interesting, I just quickly open up the app and add it to my list. I think right now there’s about over 100 books on my ‘want to read’ list. I better get cracking!

Through the holidays I’ve had family over and cooked amazing feasts and then come up with creative recipes for leftovers for my family. As always, my husband always gets me something neat for kitchen for Christmas. This year I want to dive back into cooking which has always been a passion of mine. I love cooking from scratch, though I will admit I hate the messy clean up! I love watching the food network and the at home chefs that come up with creative recipes that I want to try. A couple of favorite chefs of mine are Giada de Laurentiis and Ina Garten. They both walk through steps of making things from scratch. Giada makes decadent meals that are simple and usually based in Italian routes. Ina makes more complicated recipes but more comfort foods. One of the things I got for Christmas was an amazon gift card. Which is awesome, because there were a few kitchen gadgets that were on my list that my husband didn’t know about. Among them were some Giada cook books. I might also look into some Ina cook books. I’ve also been holding out for a few things. A silicone scrapper for my mixer paddle, homemade ravioli stamps, silicone cookie sheet baking mats, a spring form pan, and a few other small things that were not needed, just wanted. Which is why I was hoping for a gift card! While I’m in school I’ve decided to work 2 days a week for 15-16 hour shifts. So on my off days, I’ll be able to do homework and dive into cooking. I just HAVE to learn to clean up as I go haha!

As far as some other resolutions that I discussed at the beginning of the year, I am still interested in photography. I will continue to drool over the camera that I found online to buy, and possibly use it as my motivation during this ‘get out of debt’ journey.

Nikon D3400 24.2 MP DSLR Camera + AF-P DX 18-55mm VR NIKKOR Lens Kit + Accessory Bundle 64GB SDXC Memory + SLR Photo Bag + Wide Angle Lens + 2x Telephoto Lens + Flash + Remote + Tripod+Filters (Black)

I was out Christmas shopping with the kids and I saw this picture that I absolutely fell in love with. I am a bit of a coffee nut and it was a picture of 4 cups of lattes. The perspective had the 3 coffee cups lined up behind the first fading out of focus. The cups were also alternating in black and white color. I just couldn’t stop staring at it. I want to take pictures like that. My husband also made a calendar for me this Christmas. He takes photos of us throughout the year and puts them in different months and days of the calendar for a very personalized one. He noticed this year that he had to reuse some of them, so he asked that this year we take more photos. I’m ok with that!

Among some other resolutions, other than the standard “lose weight” I’m going to work on eating more healthy and making better choices. Reading nutrition labels. Comparing products. My husband’s cholesterol was a little high this past MD appointment for a physical. So I’m going to work on cooking with lower cholesterol options. I’m sure that will help the both of us. He also wants to quit smoking! That will help us save so much money in addition to making him healthier!! Thus propelling out get out of debt journey.

So here’s to 2018, lets see what you bring!!

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